Resources for Online Sex Workers

Here are some free resources and some of the BEST sites to sign up for to make money as an online sex worker.

Remember it’s always about putting yourself out there and adding more eggs to your basket, so don’t be afraid to try a new site! As you never know where your next high paying client will be.

Please be sure to sign up using my referral links (it’s totally free and doesn’t cost you a thing). But just helps me buy more ice cream in exchange for info lol. Thanks so much!

IWantClips: Online clip selling platform very popular amongst the findom and femdom community. It’s great for selling fetish (mainly findom/femdom) clips but you can sell anything your heart desires, even vanilla stuff, especially if you have your own fan base. Plus they have lots of organic traffic and if you’re new to findom it’s a good way to build a base and get some of your first subs. I highly recommend them.

Manyvids: Another online video selling platform. Mainly catered towards vanilla porn and camgirls, but you can also sell your fetish content here as they have an forever growing base of customers. I seem to sell more fetish stuff on here myself so don’t let all the vanilla porn on the homepage scare you away from uploading your fetish vids. You never know where your next fan may find you!

AVN Stars: A new fanclub platform by the one and only AVN (yes the ones who host the annual porn awards). It’s super user friendly and has an array of features from paid subscribers only posts, you can follow other models, story option, and even live cam for your subscribers. Models seem to love them so I recommend you to give them a try!

Onlyfans: A simple and easy fanclub/subscribers only platform where you can charge your fans for monthly access to your 18+ content and receive tips, chat with them, and etc. You can run everything from your phone and it seems to be very popular with camgirls. They pay 80%!

Niteflirt: The best phone sex site out there. They are the OG’s when it comes to phone sex and it’s a great way to find new fans. You can sell content on there like clips, audios, slave tasks, and more aswell as accept pay per minute phone calls. It’s great for launching your phone sex career and has proven to be very lucrative for many sex workers over the years.

Boleyn Models Daily Pay Studio: I LOVE this studio because you don’t have to wait forever to get your money from all the sites you work on. They payout daily to your bank account if all your sales add up to be over $15. So it’s pretty essential for camgirls who work alot of sites and even clip girls. I personally use them for Manyvids and IWantClips!. So I highly recommend them.

IndieBill: This is more for girls who need a way to accept payment for custom videos, skype shows, and you can also sell your content here. If you already have your own fanbase this is a great option for you to have your own little indy store. You can forward your own website there and now you have your own clips store! They pay out 85%!

Other useful sites:

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