Craving more white boy humiliation?

Do you love when I humiliate you for being a white beta bitch? Well look no further, because I just released a new clip for you freaks!

The description is tame compared to everything that I discuss in this clip, but just know that you will be my white bitch after watching this clip!

You’re back for more brutal verbal humiliation from a hot young ebony brat! Most of you know already know how I feel about you beta white boys already, but in this clip I will remind you once again. You’re my bitch and it’s nothing you can do about it! Watch and enjoy.

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GAY White Boy Verbal Humiliation

I pretty much think all white boys are undercover f@gs and deserve to be humiliated for being the insatiable pervs they are. You all think about sucking cock all day and taking it up the ass all day. I mean white boys pretty much invented sucking cock. It’s only right that you’re reminded of the true beta bitch you are deep down inside. I see right through you fag. Listen to Princess verbally humiliate you for 6 minutes straight. Lots of use of the word f@ggot and white boy humiliation.

You bitch boys love being ruined by a hot goddess like me. Men all over the world pay me just for existing. Waking up to large clip orders and tributes is the best life ever. Look at all the losers who’ve paid me on cash app. I just love bragging about everything that beta bitches pay for. But I think it’s your time to pay me now loser. Enough window shopping. I have a simple little task for you. Take care of my shopping cart and spoil Princess by paying for her new clip outfits. PRESS SEND and stop resisting bitch. Send your tribute via the tribute option on my clip store or contact me directly for my favorite payment option. 

Me and my babe are getting ready to go out and have fun on your dime and I thought it’d be fun to tease you all about it. Too bad you’re stuck home stroking to your computer screen while we’ll be out having fun and having great sex afterwards. It sucks to be you cuck. Maybe in the next clip I’ll give you a peak of what went on tonight or make you my little personal clean up boy, we’ll have to see… but just make sure you’re paying for those dates bitch! XOXO

C0ke I.n.t.o.x.x.x.e.d Princess Worship

Get fucked up for me and worship princess in this hot clip where I make you snort c0KE and jerk to me in my sexy jeans and top while I humiliate you. Your’e so easy to control…

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